Ep. 20: Golgappa with Mayur More


मयुर मोरे.
मित्रांशी गप्पा मारण्याची मज्जाच वेगळी असते. खासकरून जेव्हा आपला मित्र आता एक फेमस अभिनेता झालाय. आमचा खास पाहुणा आज गोल-गप्पा वर आहे.कोटा फॅक्ट्री चा वैभव. मयुर मोरे.

It feels good talking to a friend, especially when that friend becomes a famous actor. This week, host Trupti Khamkar is joined by Mayur More of the 'Kota Factory' fame. He talks about his early days as a theatre artist, shares stories from the sets of Kota Factory and more.

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