Ep. 113: Arsenal keep a clean sheet against Deeney


Saru and Baru are in the studio for this week's episode. They struggle through traffic for hours but eventually get to the studio to talk about last weekend's Premier League action. During the first half of the show, the boys discuss The Cohones Derby where Arsenal ride their luck by getting Troy Deeney sent off and winning against Watford, keeping their chances of finishing in the Top-4 alive. Elsewhere, Chelsea lose to Liverpool by Mane's open header and Salah's wonder goal. Thus, it raises the question, could this actually be Liverpool's year to win the title?

In the second half of the show, the boys talk about Manchester United, Everton losing to Fulham, Europa League 2nd leg matches and potential final of UEL. The boys also predict which teams will finish in the top 4 by attempting a Game of Thrones integration.

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Ep. 93: Steven Dias talks to Twaddle


Saru and Baru are joined by ,a very special guest, Steven Dias (India international and Mumbai FC) in the studio.

The boys talk to Steven about half-time team talks, Steven's career in football, current state of Indian football and Mumbai Football. Also, Steven's plans for the future and his football academy.


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