Ep. 28: The Making of Reveilo Wines

In this episode of The Drinks & Destinations Podcast, hosts Rojita & Sameera chat with the team behind Reveilo Wines, one of the premium wine producers in India. The owners Kiran & Yatin Patil are joined by their Italian wine maker Andrea Valentinuzzi for the first time in a conversation with any media platform. They share their stories, starting the company Vintage wines, why did they decide to produce only single varietal wines and also to be the ones to introduce Italian varietals in India, how the wine consumer in the country has evolved in the last few years. Yatin Patil who is also the President of the All India Wine Producers Association, talks about the future of the wine industry in India. To learn more, hit play and listen to the podcast here. Also send us your feedback and queries on drinksanddestinations@gmail.com.

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