Ep. 23: Studying Wines & Spirits

On this episode of the Drinks & Destinations podcast we chat with co-founder of http://tulleeho.com/.
Tulleeho is a provider of beverage education and training services in India, addressing the hospitality industry, the end consumer and the hospitality student.

Some tidbits from the episode:

Sameera- what is tulleho?
Vikram- It is a state of mind. But moving on it began as a website back in the first .com boom and bust that happened in 1999-2000 and it evolved from there to becoming a drinks training and consulting firm which it is today. We provide a range of training services around beverages, catering for professional as well as consumers who want to pick up finer aspects of drinking/drinking out in terms of cocktail making workshops, wine tasting sessions, learning about whisky/beer and not only alcoholic beverages but we also work with non alcoholic beverage companies and provide services to them in terms of training and development for their brand.

Rojita- what is the weirdest drink u've tasted?
Vikram- when i was in Alaska last year and was in this fishing village called Ketchikan, i tasted Seafood Bloodymary!!

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