Next.Decoded Ep. 01: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in India Decoded


In the wake of Industry 4.0, AI and automation are the new normal and have moved from sci-fi into real-world factories and offices. And where there’s advanced technology there also exist threats from criminals and even rogue nation states. How does India & India Inc. leverage the AI revolution and also ensure cybersecurity to build resilient, smart, and highly productive business in the world’s fastest growing economy? How does India build AI and better cybersecurity capabilities at the national level too, to level the playing field with countries like the US and China? Ivor Soans, Editor-Special Features at Bloomberg Quint, discusses the new age of AI, the future of cybersecurity, and more on the Next.Decoded podcast series.

Artificial Intelligence will bring massive new capabilities as well as disruption to businesses as well as society. The term isn’t new, and has been around for decades, but AI today has gone far beyond the realm of science fiction. AI comes into play each time you use a smartphone, or when a bank decides to pitch a new financial product to you, or for personalised medicine. And AI usage will only grow, which is what strikes fear among some too. What’s the latest in AI around the world? From successful use cases, sectors with massive potential for AI-driven transformation, job-loss fears, and what India needs to do to catch up with the US & China in AI, training AI for bias, etc., Ivor Soans, Editor-Special Features at Bloomberg Quint, discusses all these and more with Sanchit Vir Gogia, CEO of Greyhound Research, and one of India’s finest navigators of technology trends.

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