My Takeaway: Speaking Up Matters (Akancha Against Harassment Ep. 15)


This week, Akancha Srivastava recorded an episode about the power to speak up against cyber abuse and do so, immediately. It takes a critical moment to snap out of the misery of victimhood and understand that reporting the incident well in time can hold a strong case. It is convenient to take a screenshot of the post and forward it to our peers to show, “See, this is what happened to me.” Is that enough to ensure it won’t happen again? Is that enough to reflect on our online activities and conclude that the digital world races faster than 120 km/hr with thousands of  #MeToo posts, just less than an hour of the content upload? 

Speaking up holds true for any unlikely situation and Akancha explains how doing this can switch the power of authority from the abuser to the one facing the abuse.

I look at it this way, speaking up is a way to take care of yourself.

You can listen to the episode here:

#PodsWeLike Maltin On Movies

Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin (of Maltin's Movie Guide fame) hosts a wonderful podcast with his daughter Jesse Maltin where they sit and discuss films old and new, and the memories and experiences associated with them.

The episode which features director Edgar Wright as a guest is especially enlightening. It's a joy to hear Wright in full on film geek form as they discuss the difference between listing out 'best films' and 'favourite films', how wonderful it is to discover classics of a bygone era and how it helps appreciate contemporary cinema and the relationship that exists between a critic and an artist.

If you're someone who loves to get movie recommendations I suggest you sit with a pen and paper while listening to this one as some wonderful, lesser known films are name-dropped in their conversation.

You can listen to the episode here:


- Abbas Momin

The Rediscovery Podcast is back!

Travel pros Hoshner Reporter and Ambika Vishwanath are back with Season 2 of The reDiscovery Podcast and you should start taking notes now!  

In Season 1, they took us on a journey from the coast of Tamil Nadu to the gulf of Kutch, from celebrating Holi in Uttar Pradesh to spotting fireflies in Bhandardara. This Season, they have another epic journey planned for you with from travel recommendations, tips to how to make the most of a tight budget and still enjoy every nook and corner of the country. 

On the first episode of this season, they are answering that big question; how do you travel on a budget? It can be quite tricky but not impossible and so, the travel couple bring their tried and tested hacks about wandering around India on just Rs 2500 a day. You heard that right!

New episodes are out every Monday and you can listen to the first episode here: 


The podcast that saved my comedy career

1am, some Tuesday, 2014

I return home dejected after another open mic where my material crashed and burned. The usual. It’s been four months since I started doing comedy and open mics are the only public forums where I can take my pitiful jokes and hope to evoke a reaction. But it doesn’t seem to be working.

My mom keeps some dinner for me which I don’t bother heating up. I just want to get it over with. The embarrassment of bombing on stage isn’t half as bad as coming home after work and a gig to a quiet room with no one to talk to. I can’t watch TV or I’ll wake everyone up and I can’t cry into my food because it is salty enough as it is.

Instinctively, I open Soundcloud and instead of listening to remixed ‘90s anthems (my real source of power), I check out Comedy Central’s podcast. There, in a sequential order are international comedians performing some of their new material. Curiosity took over and I start eating my meal while listening to these episodes. I listened to the episodes, back to back, each featuring just about 10 minutes of comedy from comedians who were now, somehow hanging out with me in that room that night.

With no visual to these bits and just the audio, that podcast made me appreciate every single line. I understood what joke delivery was, how to set something up, and then deliver it. It made me realise what I wasn’t doing right on stage; speaking too fast and with fear. I realised that the audience is always listening and it’s my job to communicate better. It’s a learning I cherish to this day.

I have been doing stand-up comedy and improv professionally for two years now and I also get to host my own podcast now,  so I’d say everything kind of worked out. I still eat food at 1am though; some routines are hard to break.


Check out Comedy Central’s podcast channel:

Check out my podcast Keeping it Queer, in which I talk to members of India’s LGBTQ community and bring their stories to you:


- Navin Noronha