The Rediscovery Podcast is back!

Travel pros Hoshner Reporter and Ambika Vishwanath are back with Season 2 of The reDiscovery Podcast and you should start taking notes now!  

In Season 1, they took us on a journey from the coast of Tamil Nadu to the gulf of Kutch, from celebrating Holi in Uttar Pradesh to spotting fireflies in Bhandardara. This Season, they have another epic journey planned for you with from travel recommendations, tips to how to make the most of a tight budget and still enjoy every nook and corner of the country. 

On the first episode of this season, they are answering that big question; how do you travel on a budget? It can be quite tricky but not impossible and so, the travel couple bring their tried and tested hacks about wandering around India on just Rs 2500 a day. You heard that right!

New episodes are out every Monday and you can listen to the first episode here: