IVM Likes: The recommendations so far

IVM Likes, our staff pop culture recommendation podcast has finally hit episode 30 and people will not stop asking about its marriage plans! 

Here's what's been happening for the past 30 weeks: every Wednesday, me and two others from our office (sometimes by their own free will and sometimes by force) sit around a table and talk about all the books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, web-series, YouTube channels, video games, candy bars we love for about 25 minutes. And then we get to have lunch. 

To celebrate this big 3-oh and our failing memories, we put together a spreadsheet of all the recommendations we've made so far. So next time you can't decide what to watch or listen to or read, just find this sheet and pick something guaranteed to fill that void in your life. 


-This sheet does not include some other cool stuff we mentioned in our discussions, so you should listen to all the episodes for that. Just get to it now. 

- This sheet does include Burn Notice. 

Thanks for listening!

- Sharanya

Catch the full episode here: