ReDiscover: Agra beyond the Taj 


The city of Agra is rather synonymous to the iconic Taj Mahal and a touristy visit to the mausoleum built for Mumtaz Mahal, usually tends to complete a trip to Agra. 

However, travel geniuses Ambika and Hoshner wander off to the less traveled roads and alleys to understand the stories behind the historical structures and heritage of the city, way beyond the Taj. 

Here is how you can completely crack exploring Agra! 

You can listen to the full episode here: 

The Rediscovery Podcast is back!

Travel pros Hoshner Reporter and Ambika Vishwanath are back with Season 2 of The reDiscovery Podcast and you should start taking notes now!  

In Season 1, they took us on a journey from the coast of Tamil Nadu to the gulf of Kutch, from celebrating Holi in Uttar Pradesh to spotting fireflies in Bhandardara. This Season, they have another epic journey planned for you with from travel recommendations, tips to how to make the most of a tight budget and still enjoy every nook and corner of the country. 

On the first episode of this season, they are answering that big question; how do you travel on a budget? It can be quite tricky but not impossible and so, the travel couple bring their tried and tested hacks about wandering around India on just Rs 2500 a day. You heard that right!

New episodes are out every Monday and you can listen to the first episode here: 


The IVM Podcasts app is here!

Introducing *a procession of drummers walk buy slowly building up to a heart-thumping drum roll* the IVM Podcasts App! 

An application exclusively for all of our wonderful podcasts, the IVM Podcasts app is available on both Android and iOS (that’s right!) and you can find the latest episodes of all our shows.

Go ahead, download it, rate and review the app, listen to something, learn, sing, laugh, startle your uber driver! 


What we've been upto: January 2017

New year, new shows! 

We are only in the beginning of 2017 and we've already launched 4 new shows that we are super proud of. Get ready for a list! 

The Seen and the Unseen

As someone who doesn't fully understand some of India's policies, always aims to find multiple opinions on it and then gives up and just reads tweets, this podcast is perfect. Journalist Amit Varma takes on public policies and explains the seen and the unseen affects of it. 

Keeping It Queer

Hosted by our very own producer, Navin Noronha, Keeping It Queer or KIQ as we say (on internal Slack channels, I mean) chronicles the life and journey of India's LGBTQ community. We've had incredible guests so far who've shared stories of their first love, the struggles they faced to come out and what it's all meant to them (I may have teared up a couple of times during editing). 

My Neighbour, Zuckerberg

Entrepreneurs talk to entrepreneurs to discuss entrepreneur stuff. Hosted by Munaf Kapadia (of the Bohri Kitchen) and Nabeel Merchant (of Fixy), My Neighbour, Zuckerberg traces stories of struggle, adventure and creativity and find out what makes them who they are today. One month in and I've learned so much already! 

IVM Likes

This one may or maybe not be my favourite. Every week, we are rounding up our staff to bring their personal pop culture recommendations and general chit chat about tv shows, movies and books.