New on IVM: The Cartel is in Town


Producing a show from soup to nuts is a fulfilling experience, especially if the show is about soup and nuts. A few months ago, I was assigned the task to produce an 'unnamed food podcast'. This new project was right up my alley, because not many things entice me as much as food does. 

A couple of episodes in, and my curiosity was piqued. I looked forward to the recordings of this yet-to-be-named show, primarily because of the ingenious team featured in this ten-part series. Their conversations divulged riveting insights about the restaurant industry - things that don't even cross our minds while we're dining at a restaurant.

What goes into selecting a restaurant's location? How has GST impacted the hospitality industry? How does licensing work? How do you find the right landlords and investors? How do you recruit a team that is aligned with your vision? All of this and more is addressed on The Colaba Cartel by the five accomplished restaurateurs, Gauri Devidayal, Jay Yousuf, Abhishek Honawar, Pankil Shah and Sumit Gambhir, each one bringing their own set of skills to the table. 

Whether you're an established entrepreneur or an aspiring one, or the thought of opening your own restaurant has crossed your mind time and again, or you simply live to eat, this is a show you want to tune in to. 

The Colaba Cartel comprises two hospitality groups who have come together to open a new restaurant in Colaba called Miss T. The team comprises Gauri and Jay, the power couple who founded The Table and Magazine Street Kitchen and Abhishek, Pankil and Sumit, the impeccable trio who founded Woodside Inn. On this podcast, they share the joys and heartaches of starting a new restaurant. Each of the ten episodes explores various aspects of their journey.

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