Shunya One - Ep. 59. Kulin Shah: Digital Insurance / Data for Customized Products / Core Tech


Kulin Shah, VP, Acko General Insurance, Bangalore tapped into this new but extremely promising space of insurance solutions, with technology products being its core.

Here is a quick read on what the conversation focuses on:

Acko solves a business problem for insurance. They have recognized how lives can be impacted in many, many ways. Effective tech solutions come into play for customized insurance products. These products are designed through various data points.

Being dynamic
Acko works with multiple internet companies to identify users on platforms who could possibly benefit from insurance solutions offered by them.

Data points
The approach at Acko about data: Customers can look at the upside of sharing data and its tangible benefit.  It reaches out directly to the consumer with refined tech managing insurance products, after having an understanding of their needs. Acko’s DNA being tech, it strongly works with big data, and machine learning.

No broker insurance
They provide for services in situations, coming from building personal relationships directly with their customers.

Innovative insurance solutions

Acko works on insurance solutions which are beneficial and unconventional with a deep sense of problem-solving for its customers. Kulin mentions, an insurance scheme that is designed looking at an unwanted situation in everyday life. Especially in case you’ve happened to miss a flight because of a cab hailing service. How does Acko come into play in such a situation?
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