My Takeaway: Budget Analysis Needs Context (The Seen & The Unseen Ep. 54)


This week’s episode of The Seen Unseen (episode no. 54 for those keeping count) was a quick analysis of the 2018 union budget. Amit Varma served as the host as always and in the guest’s chair were Pavan Srinath and Pranay Kotasthane. Now, as a podcast producer, one has to face the fact that not every episode of a show you produce would be about topics you like and/or are interested in, and the budget has never caught my fancy as I am not much of a number cruncher. Which is why this episode surprised me as Pavan and Pranay broke down the budget into much simpler terminology and simplified it by giving some relatable context. 

Do governments get away for doing things that corporates and individuals would get called out for? Is this budget more about optics and less about governance? Why should India have a “bloated bureaucracy CESS? These are some of the interesting questions answered in the episode and I highly recommend you listen to it.

The second half of the episode deals more with the repercussions of this and previous budgets and maybe what could've been done differently. It's a little less about numbers and figures and a little more about views, opinions and outcomes.

Listen to the episode here:

Abbas Momin (Producer, The Seen & The Unseen)