In Brief Shunya One Ep.35


On this episode of Shunya One, Shiladitya and Amit are joined by Ankush Sachdeva, Co-founder and CEO at ShareChat. This conversation covers the impact of content sharing through social networks in regional languages.

Ankush spoke about his observations from the first version of ShareChat. He said:

What we saw was that the basic level problem of giving content is not solved and there are companies running after building chatbots solving these kind of complicated things. And we were like it is too early for this market. The data clearly showed that you have to give content. These guys are hungry for content. Then we changed our model, we removed English altogether. That was a given move, like given that half of the people are picking English and you decide upon removing it; a very contrarian move. But we could sense that there is a inner psychological thing which is making them select English even though it is not an optimal choice for them. So, we made the change, removed English and moved to a simple feed. You see the content feed in your tags and you can just share it to Whatsapp in one click, and that’s ShareChat.

Shiladitya enquired about the core behaviour of users at ShareChat. To which Ankush responded:

There are two major usedcases of our user-base, like how people used the app: one is they come here for the freshest trending news. So when the Virat-Anushka marriage happened, the minute that video got out it was on ShareChat, trending. And you will just autoplay on our video player, you will see everything around Virat-Anushka on that feed. That is one usedcase. The other is, a lot of people come here and just make collections. A lot of women come here and make mehendi design collections, so they will put hundreds of images of mehendi design on ShareChat and make a profile out of it. So that’s the other behaviour. That’s more a Pinterest behaviour. So we actually don’t have a western counterpart analogy to us. We are just building what people are liking. So we are following, we are constantly in touch with our user-base; what they are linking, what they are not liking, getting new features that can help them use the app better and we just never think about analogies because this market is so different. A lot of copy-pastings have failed in India. And that’s the learning we have here. It is just better you go to your user-base ask them what they want, try to find their problems and come up with their solutions.