In Brief Shunya One Ep.34


On this episode of Shunya One, hosts Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya and Amit Doshi discuss some of India's biggest tech stories in 2017.

Shiladitya spoke about how smartphone devices are increasingly going bezel-less. He said:

Bezels are going away, that’s sort of changed the way we experience our phones right? I mean whether it’s bezels, whether it is AR, all these new tech, sort of technologies which have come into mobile have also sort of shape the way we use our phones.

Amit mentioned how data consumption has taken a huge leap in the country. He said:

I read something a couple of days ago or maybe a week ago that India has now overtaken both the U.S and China as the place where most data is being used in the world. That’s amazing, I love that. Considering where we came from and how fast this stuff has grown.

Shiladitya discussed how the government extensively pushed for the Aadhaar in 2017. He said:

Coming to another off-tech topic but again has its roots in tech, is Aadhaar and IndiaStack, and UPI and everything that the government is doing pro-tech. I think we spoke about this a number of times, that the government has been a very good tech-partner to a bunch of things in India this year.

Amit gave his perspective about electric cars and hybrid vehicles in India’s context. He said:

So electric is always interesting. The Indian government was not more supportive of hybrids but they’ve jumped hybrids and going straight to electric. I think that might be a mistake I think hybrids maybe a better solution. We don’t have the power generation capabilities to support electric vehicles on mass basis.