In Brief Shunya One Ep.33


On this episode of Shunya One, we are joined by Zainab Bawa, CEO, HasGeek. Zainab helps us understand the impact of technology conferences and networking platforms on the startup community.

Zainab explained the idea behind setting up a platform like HasGeek for program developers, startup founders and those passionate about technology. She said:

The sort of the value addition we brought about in the space was helping people to learn from each other’s knowledge and to reduce the cost of evaluating this technology for your organization. So instead of saying I will run this experiment in my organization for six months to decide whether ABC works for us or not, here we were trying to create these platforms where you could come and listen to others, their stories, their organizational war stories and make that choice for yourself based on what somebody else was talking about from real practice. I think that’s been one clear intervention. The other is the ability to bring in a neutral perspective while we ourselves have programmers at HasGeek and we adopt and we work with certain technologies. We ourselves don’t necessarily sit and advocate those technologies at our conferences. For us the idea is that these events are the platforms for people to come and talk about approaches and that you could be using any kind of approach. At the end of the day what matters is how did you understand the problem and what approach did you use. And I guess being able to kind of take that neutral position has put us in a great situation today where people come and say hey, listen we value your perspective because we know you will not be biased or we value the fact that you bring in all these people who have their own perspectives but you don’t necessarily say that this is good or this is bad. And I think that is a very unique and very good situation to be in. The question is now how do we now continue to be in that situation and how do we not pick winners and losers but just continue to be those facilitators.