In Brief Shunya One Ep.32


On this episode of Shunya One, we are joined by Anuj Tandon, CEO at Yoozoo Games India. This conversation covers the Indian gaming market, its business model and the path ahead for the gaming sector in the country.

Anuj gave some insights about the consumer behaviour for gaming in India. He said:

The No.2 country globally in terms of downloads of games is India on mobile devices. So people are looking for games to play, naturally itself. Now whether it happens as a byproduct say for watching a Hrithik Roshan video or maybe he tweets about our game and people start downloading, that is frankly for something when you are doing an IP based game, you really don’t care about. Wherever you get it, you get your numbers, right? I’d still think India is a huge market for gaming right now, in terms of downloads as well and the revenues are also increasing, crazily.

Anuj discussed the difference in the business model of the gaming industry, back in the day and now. He said:

The recent development is making money through google play and Apple, in-app purchases and ads that you run on them. The old school in India always was making money through telecom partnerships. When you partner with say an Idea or Vodafone and use their billing, their recharge amount as their billing amount and you get money from these users.

Shiladitya enquired about the new technologies used to back gaming platforms. To which Anuj responded:

So in the last two years, synchronous multiplayer games have been the challenge that most gaming companies are trying to solve on mobile. And they have been very successful in doing that. So genres on mobile like a lot of people play games, you make teams of five people who battle against each other and that happens live and that is happening on mobile and making that all possible, synchronizing across all various data connections, and stuff like that is some of the key innovations happening in the gaming world right now apart from AR and VR.