In Brief Shunya One Ep.31


On this episode of Shunya One, we are joined by Mahesh Narayanan, Managing Director as Saavn. This conversation focuses on music streaming, digital platforms and the scope of data driven music identification, globally.

Mahesh gave his perspective about Saavn’s users outside of India. He said:

There is a significant diaspora population, there is the Indian diaspora around the love who loves their favourite content whether it is music, audio, video and the opportunity there is pretty significant as well. Streaming players like us have the opportunity to connect great storytellers or great musicians and make sure that we distribute their content to their relevant fans across the globe. Keeping that in mind, in fact, we are available actually now in a hundred and ninety six countries around the world. We have users from a hundred and ninety six countries around the world. We have a paid model outside India where users pay 5 bucks a month to subscribe for Saavn and they have access to a library of close to forty million tracks which is all their favourite tracks that they want to listen to. They have access to Saavn original shows, which all the audio shows and podcasts including Shunya One now here, they also get access to all the original music we are putting out in the form of Artist Originals, that we’ve now started. So that becomes very interesting from the Global-Indian point of view. That has actually been an interesting change in the past twelve months, even from our perspective.

Mahesh spoke about the kind of platform Saavn intends to be for its content creators and users. He said:

There is a lot of hunger for content as well, that’s the other big piece I think. We are the platform for independent music, and independent musicians and content creators that’s what we are trying to be and we continue to focus on.