In Brief Shunya One Ep.30


On this episode of Shunya One, we are joined by Nameet Potnis, Co-founder and CEO at Apptuse This conversation selling through Facebook and the rise of the e-commerce and subscription commerce market in the country.

Nammet explained how his experience with SellMojo helped him come up with a model for Apptuse. He said:

So we started doing Sellmojo which was full fledged ecommerce and it was on somebody else’s platform. And saw the signs on the wall and we knew that we needed to do something about it, in a very polite way. So we kind of decided to transition from there and it was still 2013 and I said let’s try and figure out what the next wave of devices will be or where will people essentially shop. And people were suspending an incredible amount of time on Facebook, Twitter was still early but basically on their phones. And we said great, let’s start off and let’s figure what is the simplest or low hanging fruit to get started with. And we said there are websites that sell stuff online, these are decently sized, they already have orders coming in from the web, but they have no presence on mobile whatsoever. So we said let’s figure out if we can take a shot at this opportunity but keeping in mind our vision which was, let’s try and make it in a way where there is absolutely no technical knowledge required. Which meant essentially that if somebody can use facebook or whatsapp you should be able to do an extremely complex app but without any knowledge. That’s where essentially we started from and we spent some time building that platform we did that because we wanted it to be in a way where the end merchant wouldn’t essentially have to do anything