In Brief Shunya One Ep.29


On this episode of Shunya One, we are joined by Aseem Khare, CEO at Adonis Electronics. He was formerly the CEO/Founder at Taskbob. The episode discusses the rise and fall of the Powai startup ecosystem, the home services sector in India and the critical process of shutting down startups.

Aseem spoke about Adonis Electronics and its operations. He said:

Adonis Electronics, is a service provider company and it used to be a subsidiary of Onida and it used to manage the service requests, the installation requests for Onida a few years back. And then Onida carved Adonis out of the company and now Adonis is a multi-brand service provider. So requests from Amazon, Vijay Sales, Onida etc. are handled at the backend by Adonis. So how it works is, let’s say you by a TV from Amazon and then Amazon will say don’t worry we will your installation. It is actually not Amazon who is actually doing the installation. So Amazon will give it to Adonis and Adonis will get the services done and in return Amazon will pay Adonis to do the service for you.

Aseem compared the business model at Taskbob and Adonis. He said:

The service industry, if you go deeper into it right, we were doing a B2C kind of business (with Taskbob), this is a B2B kind of a business. And I think the business model in Adonis is much stronger and I will again come back to the challenges we faced at Taskbob. It was into locking the customer and getting the number of repeats from the same customer versus the cost we were spending in acquiring the customer. In Adonis, it is pretty much sorted and they are dependent on Amazon giving me a continue flow of revenue. So the business model is very different and stronger and it serves the service industry.