In Brief: Shunya One Ep. 17


On this episode, hosts Shiladitya and Amit are joined by Annkur Agarwal - Co-founder and CEO of SahiGST and  Pricebaba. Annkur co-founded SahiGST in 2016, a GST filing and compliance solution for Indian businesses. While Pricebaba is a product research engine that helps consumers with product recommendations, costs comparisons and options available to figure where to buy it and how much to buy it for. 

They talk about how his journey, his experience at various technology and entrepreneurial networking events and how technology is enhancing GST filing in tandem with the government. Annkur explained how the government works with GST and aligns technology for its records. He said: 

The whole idea of GST from a technology point of view is, what the Government wants is that every transaction that’s happening in the country specially every B2B transaction. They want you to upload all of those transaction details, basically the invoices to the government portal. So for example, if I say I’ve sold something to Amit, and I have given his tax identification number and Amit has declared that he has brought this from me and he has given my tax identification number, that transaction should also match on the government portal. And on the government back-end, the transactions match, that these two parties have said they’ve done business with each other.

Annkur also spoke about SahiGST's core role as a service driven company:

In our business, it’s about how efficiently can we take your data, run validations on it - have you done something wrong, give you those warnings and then take you to the government to file it.

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