In Brief: Shunya One Ep. 18


On this episode of Shunya One, we are joined by Aakrit Vaish, Co-founder, and CEO of Haptik, a conversational commerce platform backed by Artificial Intelligence and humans for a chat based interface. He worked at Flurry Analytics, a mobile application company; before co-founding Haptik in 2013.

Aakrit talked about what made Flurry stand out from the other players in the analytics space and what led them to focus on mobile as a platform. 

With Flurry, they were just really obsessed about building great analytics tools for developers. They really just said that we don’t know about anything else, we will figure out business tomorrow, we will make it free. This has to be a product that should be free and we should build a tool that does really well at analytics for mobile apps. Because google analytics does not do it. GA does web and something else and they’ve just converted it to mobile. So flurry was just obsessed with that. They did really great content marketing around it. So which was PR, they were very active in SF, Bay Area dev circles. They would just do a lot of developer evangelism that comes use it.

Shiladitya inquired about what led him to focus on chatbots and artificial intelligence with Haptik. Aakrit said:

The thesis was very simple, that messaging is going to rule the world. That is going to become your de facto platform or de facto interface for the smartphone. And everything that you do on a smartphone will at some shape or form go through a messaging interface. That really was the thesis. Now the question is what used cases, how do approach it, how do you go case by case - that’s when we started working on V1, V2 and V5 and what’s going to happen in the future.

He also explained what falls under the category of Artificial Intelligence and what they do at Haptik.

A.I in its true sense is actually - can machines be intelligent enough to understand what you are doing and help you do something or the other? It is a very abused term now, where people think everything is A.I. It has various different sub-divisions to it. Robotics is part of A.I, machine learning is part of A.I, Linguistics is part of A.I, Natural Language Processing is part of A.I, Data Analytics, and Big Data is part of A.I. We actually think we fall in that A.I bucket because we do a lot of Natural Language Processing. So that’s the area we focus on, which is when someone types how can we interpret it and respond to it?

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