In Brief Shunya One Ep.13

Pranav Marwah – Co-founder of thinQbate, is an incubator approach for new entrepreneurs and startups offering angel investing, facilitating growth by understanding the basic business challenges and has been striving towards adding value to the various new ventures since 2015.  

He joined hosts Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya  and Amit Doshi on Shunya One to discuss how the discipline behind sports has helped align his business goals and he communicates this with the many founding-teams managed by his incubation company, and his sports-tech venture. He said: 

I’ve been a big believer of sport being intrinsic to everybody’s life, from a very early age.
I think it is a very undervalued source of skill sets, where you can acquire them in a manner that
you possibly don’t even realize. And that could be with individual sport when it comes to discipline and understanding how to keep pushing yourself when you are perhaps alone. Then, coming to a team sport where it is about understanding how to deal with others and understanding the others’ weaknesses and sort of jumping in when it is needed. I think that is something that you see in the world of entrepreneurship and startups. It is extremely important for the foundation of the company to have that camaraderie and interaction. I think that translates very naturally in what an individual can or can’t do.

They discussed how Pranav drew parallels from factors critical to sports games like human development, competition, and team-work and game-playing to his own company:

At thinQbate where we are an incubator with early stage investment, we have actually used sport to get to know an entrepreneur or a founding team much better, a lot more regularly because it is so important. So we have four pillars we like to adhere by or work towards where early stage companies, in industries, we can bring value which are enabled by technology but backed by the most solid founding team. And that last element is perhaps 95% of the entire outlook. Because it is all about people

Having spoken of mentorship and founding team leaders making most of an incubation system, Shiladitya asked Pranav about what he has picked after managing a portfolio of companies, to this date. Pranav said:

One of the greatest learnings we imbibed before even starting out was can we create collaborations through communities.

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