Introducing Sex Vex


What's something you shouldn't say on a first date? What happens if you're attracted to your best friend? What kind of lube should I buy? And if the spirit moves me, can I kiss my boyfriend on Bandstand without getting arrested? 

We are so excited to announce a brand new show, X&Y that attempts to answer or at least debate all of these questions. Hosted by Siddhant Mehta and Dilnaz Irani, Sex Vex is all about real, casual conversations about dating and sex in urban India, without judgement.

This is a weekly podcast and will be available every Wednesday on our website, YouTube, Audioboom or any other podcasting app you like. Of course, the content is meant for adults, so if you're trying to find the show on iTunes India, just switch to the global store instead. 

The first episode tackles first dates and you can listen to it below: 


We mention not discussing movies on your first dates, here's an article about that, here's one that attributes the research to a book and this is the book itself.