S02 E07: Shahnawaz Bhat


On this episode of Anything But Bollywood Neha is in the studio with actor Shahnawaz Bhat who starred in the acclaimed film 'Half Widow' which came out in 2017 and 'Harud' which was screened at the 2010 edition of the Mumbai International Film Festival. Listen in as Shahnawaz talks about growing up in Kashmir, the lack of opportunities for artists there, and range of experiences working on indies like 'Harud' to a mainstream Bollywood film like 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'.

00:48 Shanawaaz Intro
01:24 How did acting happen?
02:43 Preparation for 'Harud'
05:10 Growing up in Kashmir
08:18 Learning from Aamir Bashir
09:49 Festival experience
11:39 Kashmiri language/audience
16:02 Experience on 'Half-widow'
18:32 Acting & relatability
19:50 Experience on 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'
22:20 Biding time between roles
24:26 State of filmmaking in Kashmir
26:14 The story of 'disappeared men'
30:01 Has perspective changed?
34:32 Role of art & creativity in Kashmir
35:40 Dealing with fear in a conflict zone
38:40 Ideal roles
40:00 Pointers for directors & actors
42:46 Recommendation

Check out Shahnawaz's body of work here: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3919952/

Here's the trailer for 'Half Widow' : https://youtu.be/k_ITMZMsdwU

You can watch 'Harud' on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/70153553

Shahnawaz's film recommedation: Underground (1995, Dir: Emir Kusturica) https://youtu.be/iKdl5r7_ZPc

(Note: This episode was recorded before the horrific incidents that took place in Kathua in J & K)

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