S02 E08: Pushpendra Singh


On the season 2 finale of Anything but Bollywood Neha is in the studio with filmmaker, actor, and screenwriter Pushpendra Singh whose films have traveled to the Venice and Berlin international film festivals, and whose directorial venture 'Ashwathama' was screened at the19th Mumbai International film festival. Listen in as he talks about breaking the traditional 3 act structure of a story, how his acting process influenced his filmmaking, adapting folk tales for screen and much more.

00:34 Pushpendra intro
01:04 Starting in Filmmaking/Film screenings at hostel/Barry John & FTII
03:22 Dealing with parents
07:05 Working & assisting Amit Datta
09:33 Assisting Anup Singh
11:23 How acting experiences shape filmmaking
14:07 Lajwanti
17:22 Screenwriting
21:49 Ashwathama/ choosing the protagonist/growing up in a religious atmosphere/
25:21 Chambal
28:54 Portraying with authenticity
31:45 Adapting folk tales, equating art with classical music
34:34 Translating from page to screen
37:41 Working with non-actors
39:21 Creating the look of the film with the DOP
41:15 Approach to sound
42:25 Barometer for success
46:23 Life and filmmaking co-existing
47:22 Distribution/Crowdfunding
50:08 Shift to documentary
52:19 Learning from teaching acting
54:24 Acting exercises
56:04 Advice for actors and directors
57:03 Upcoming projects
59:15 Recommendation

Watch the trailer for Lajwanti here: https://youtu.be/k0BDGVF1874

Watch the trailer for Ashwathama here: https://youtu.be/dvsiLhpaXcw


Neha - Zama (2017, Dir. Lucrecia Martel): https://youtu.be/K8dW6YHINAA

Pushpendra - Nainsukh (2010, Dir. Amit Dutta): https://youtu.be/HueU_YnFwfg

Listen to the Anup Singh episode here: https://bit.ly/2I7iAB7

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