S02 E06: Surabhi Sharma


This week Neha is in the studio with documentary film maker Surabhi Sharma whose film 'Phir Se Samm Pe Aana (Returning to the First Beat)' was screened at the 19th Mumbai film festival. Listen in as Surabhi breaks down how to pursue subjects and premises for a documentary, what are the pros and cons of documentary film vs a fictional film and how her last film 'Bidesiya in Bambai' about bhojpuri music and 'Phir se...' about classical musicians took shape.

00:44 Intro/ accolades for Surabhi's films
01:39 Parentage/pursuing cinema
03:34 Transition to documentary/Jari mari
06:41 Making the 1st film and learning
11:25 Development of "Phir Se Samm Pa Aana"
17:10 Film time vs Real time
21:14 Time to film & edit
22:29 Video art
25:39 How shoots are structured?
29:31 'Bideshiya in Bambai'/Bhojpuri music/finding musicians
38:45 Funding
42:26 Who is the audience?
45:57 Spaces and platforms for documentaries
50:47 Learning about audiences
53:16 Identity as a feminist flmmaker
55:40 Negotiating with a privileged background
56:47 Deciding on an idea
57:49 Looking back at earlier work
59:24 Frustrations as a documentary filmmaker
1:01:25 Learning from students
1:02:22 Advice for filmmmakers
1:03:47 Next film
1:05:07 Relationship with collaborators
1:06:51 Recommendations

Read more about 'Phir Se Samm Pe Aana' here:https://www.mumbaifilmfestival.com/programmeDetail/248

Surabhi's film recommendations:

Also listen to the episode with the filmmakers of this film Anushka Meenakshi and Ashwin Srikumar here: https://bit.ly/2Hx7Ewm

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