S02 EO2: Anushka Minakshi & Ishwar Srikumar


In this episode Neha talks to documentary filmmakers Anushka Meenakshi and Ashwin Srikumar about their film 'Kho ki pa lü' or 'Up Down and Sideways' which was shot in Phek, Nagaland and explores the musical tradition of the Müle community. It was screened at the 19th Mumbai festival in the 'India Gold' section.

00:25 - Intro: Up, Down and Sideways
01:41 - Starting out in film making
04:17 - Root of the film/House hunting/The gift
08:34 - Learning from travelling
10:50 - Overview of the Müle community
12:31 - Meaning of songs/Translations
16:25 - The 10 minute shot
19:56 - Research process/Anushka's MA in music
22:28 - Ethics
24:18 - Politics of the film & Nagaland
28:36 - Sound design process
31:52 - Finding context in everyday working
34:17 - Larger context of the film
37:04 - Maintaining traditions
39:21 - Dealing with uncertainty
41:48 - Personal challenges
46:41 - Nature of collaboration
48:35 - Choice to be independent filmmakers
50:14 - Archive/Pad.ma
53:47 - Next project
54:10 - Advice for creators
55:30 - Recommendations

Watch the trailer for Kho ki pa lü / Up Down and Sideways here:https://youtu.be/zJsCbJfICoY

Anushka and Ishwar's film recommendation: Rubber Coated Steelhttps://vimeo.com/157655639

Find out about and watch the Padma archives here: https://pad.ma/grid/title

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