S02 E01: Sanal Kumar Sasidharan


On the first episode of the second season of Anything but Bollywood, Neha talks to filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan whose film 'Sexy Durga' got rave reviews at festivals but ran into controversy when it's title was changed to 'S Durga' in India.

01:33 - Intro
02:35 - Getting into filmmaking/Law school/Short films
10:24 - Kazcha film society
13:53 - Shooting without a script
18:15 - Casting process
19:38 - Narrative choices
20:38 - Time to shoot/Shot selection
23:01 - "Looped" narrative structure
24:42 - Shoot preparation
25:48 - Power equation
29:24 - Story vs. Film
31:12 - Title censorship
34:11 - Dealing with pressure
35:57 - Re-shoots
37:12 - Role of artists
38:45 - Film recommendation

Watch the trailer for 'Sexy Durga' here - https://youtu.be/gTLnpit1VcA

Get more details about the Kazcha film society here: http://www.kazhcha.in/index.html

Sanal's film recommendation: Western (2017, Dir: Valeska Grisebach) - https://youtu.be/p8f8zHDwv_c

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