Ep.10: Ashim Ahluwalia


In the Final episode of the first season of Anything But Bollywood, Neha RT will be talking to director Ashim Ahluwalia, popular for his films "John and Jane", "Miss Lovely" and the upcoming gangster biopic "Daddy".

01:45 - Early Days
07:55 - On "John and Jane"
13:41 - On Form and "Miss Lovely"
20:49 - On Improvising
33:03 - Making "Miss Lovely"
38:14 - Shooting On Film
42:31 - On "Daddy"
56:10 - On being a filmmaker
1:06:03 - Film Recommendations

- Daddy
- Miss Lovely
- John and Jane

Film Recommendations
- "Faces" (1968, Dir. John Cassavetes)
- "Drawing Restraint 9" (2005, Dir. Matthew Barney)

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