Ep. 02: Demonetisation

 On November 8, 2016, India’s prime minister Narendra Modi announced that 500- and 100-rupee notes would cease to be legal tender from midnight that day, which removed 86% of the cash from circulation. Demonetisation (aka "DeMon" or "Notebandi") had humanitarian and economic effects that might take years to play out. In Episode 2 of The Seen and the Unseen, Amit Varma is joined by Suyash Rai, an economic analyst from Delhi, as they examine whether demonetisation achieved any of its unintended effects, and try to come to terms with some of its unintended (but foreseeable) consequences.

Both Varma and Rai have been early critics of this demonetization, and have written extensively on the subject. Below are some of their pieces:

Articles by AMIT VARMA
Narendra Modi Takes A Great Leap Backwards > https://goo.gl/gy4EqN
The Humanitarian Cost Trumps Any Economic Argument > https://goo.gl/eLS0FT
The Rise and Fall of Emperor Modi > https://goo.gl/l1QqEx
Three Reasons Why A Cashless Society Would Be A Disaster > https://goo.gl/0hQaUt
Narendra Modi Makes Some New Year Resolutions > https://goo.gl/5af1SU

Articles by SUYASH RAI
Tackling Black Money > https://goo.gl/zvN30c
A flawed policy: The real problem with demonetisation is not just in implementation > https://goo.gl/qrUCE6
The Demonetisation Decision: Event, Impact, Narrative and Meaning > https://goo.gl/2FW8AG

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