Ep. 78 (Rebroadcast): The Russian Moscow-rade that was the US Elections!


Hey there! We couldn't make it to the studio this week, so here's an old episode again!
Given what L'Orange did in Finland, it's worth re-looking at how the Russians meddled in the US Elections. And given Putin gifted Trump a football that apparently has a chip inside, we might re-re-broadcast this in the future, who knows.

For now, enjoy.

Even if you haven't been following global politics in the last couple of years, you will know two things:
1. Trump is president (yes, sorry, that was not a bad dream)
2. Russia poked its nose in the elections

This week, the intrepid hosts of your favourite Malad-based podcast risk their lives as they do investigative journalism, deep into the Wikipedia article called 'Russian interference in the 2016 US Elections' to bring you this lowdown as to what actually happened, and importantly, why. We end with some glorious puns which will make you wish it was Chuck who was hacked, instead of the Democrats.

Check out this educational episode about how Trump won thanks to the Russians, and why the hosts think that Russia's efforts are actually the best example of 'content marketing' ever executed.

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