Ep. 89: How Facebook Targets You (And Other Creepy Tales)


Everyone's suddenly talking about how Facebook used Facebook targeting sneakily and possibly illegally to 'hack' the American Elections. So here's the thing - they actually used Facebook quite legally - if in a manner that would make conscientious people blush. In this episode, Chuck and Srikeit shock Naren with the several targeting parameters that Facebook offers to anyone who wants to advertise on the platform. What you will learn is that everything you do - everything you post, like, share, and every time you use Facebook to log in to an app, there is data collected about you that can be used to target something to you. That's either creepy or awesome depending on your point of view. The glorious thing is that you can check out all these options yourself on facebook.com/ads. Join in for this Digital Marketing 101 class packaged with several bad jokes!

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