Ep. 25: Rebroadcast: All you need(ed) to know about the Brexit


This week, Brexit finally looked like it would happen. This comes after a couple of years of it being the sitcom of global politics aided by Bam-Bam lookalike Boris Johnson (John Oliver's words, not ours).

So we thought we'd rebroadcast an old episode, which we recorded way back in 2016 (yes, that's 'way back' now) in the aftermath of the shock verdict of the UK to leave the EU (you know, after which everyone Googled 'what is EU'). Looking back now, that moment was poignant - it was the first of the populist uprisings we'd see in the West - all over Europe, and of course, the USA. Ah, innocent times.

Anyhoo, enjoy this old episode where we talk about what Brexit is, what it means, and why they wanted to leave. And what the hell the UK / England / British Isles / etc is.

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