Ep. 58: Market Research Can Be Fun: A chat with Utsav Mamoria


While 'market research' sounds vanilla and a career that not too many starry-eyed 3 year olds might have, it's one heck of a fascinating subject. Look around you - everything is the result of some sort of research. From the colour of clothes you wear, to the shape of the phone you're listening to this show on, to the price fixed by the Uber you're taking, to the lines in the horrible billboard ad staring you in the face - each, at some point of time would have seen some sort of research. While some might just be a poor Surveymonkey link circulated to everyone in the office, some others would be a lot of scientific and thorough than that. And to discuss the latter, we have Utsav Mamoria, a MR professional who is also a voracious reader, traveler and poor joke aficionado. Meaning - ideal Simblified fodder.

Join us as we talk about market research, its applications (even in the wildest of fields) and fun anecdotes from the field.

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