Ep. 18: About headphones and entrepreneurship with Raghav Somani

A niche store for selling just headphones and earphones? One that's successful? Without all that VC funding nonsense?! You kiddin' me? Well, that's what Raghav Somani of HeadphoneZone has managed to pull off. An 8th generation entrepreneur (!), he loves music and saw a huge opportunity in this space. Today, audiophiles all around the country pray to him for bringing some of the best brands from around the world to their shores. He talk to Chuck (who is a self-confessed audiophile who considers HeadphoneZone porn) and Naren (who thinks Chuck is nuts) about headphones, how to choose them, how business has been and more.
Finally, Raghav shares an interesting article he'd read on the Verge, about why brands like Beats are doing well despite audiophiles snubbing them (read that one here http://www.theverge.com/2016/1/27/10840614/beats-by-dre-headphones-bass)

And yes, give www.headphonezone.in a whirl for all your audio goodness: Whether you have 700 to spend or 3 lakhs (!).
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