Ep.44 Maed in India feat. Warren Mendonsa

This week's headliner is guitar virtuoso/producer/composer Warren Mendonsa aka Blackstratblues, who picked up a guitar at the age of 5 and currently has 3 rock-bluesy albums under his belt (majority of which are instrumental). He's been in bands such as Zero, Alien Chutney, Helga's Fun Castle, and performed with the likes of Karsh Kale, Ankur & The Ghalat Family, Tejas Menon and more. In this episode we try to understand what inspires Warren's music, his years in Auckland before he came back to India, his most recent record - The Universe Has A Strange Sense of Humour, using chaddies as a pop-filter, and refrigerating a overheated computer while producing an album. We also have Warren interrupting his own performances in the studio to explain his songs.

Also on the lineup is indie folk singer-songwriter Jishnu Guha aka Short Round, who released his debut EP Desperate Times recently, and came to the studio to perform on Maed in India. His #StrippedDown Session is the opening act this week.

Jishnu 'Short Round' Guha
'Three Minute Record'


Warren 'Blackstratblues' Mendonsa
'Soar the Sky'
'Happy Billi Song'
'Folkish Three'
"Something New"