Ep. 17 Maed in India feat. Awkward Bong

It’s a bong explosion on this weeks episode of Maed in India. Our headliner is Awkward Bong, also known as Ronit Sarkar, and yes, he is Bengali. A song that Maed My Day is by a Kolkata indie rock band, Turfe, and starting off the show is a Bengali singer & composer called Tajdar Junaid. The only non-bong in the mix is a delightful acoustic session with Nikhil D’Souza. East side is ruling the podcast this week.

Tajdar Junaid (singer-songwriter, composer & producer from Kolkata)
Song: Though I Know
Album: What Colour is Your Raindrop

Nikhil D’Souza

Turfe (Kolkata indie rock band)
Song: Postcards
Album: Stupidditties

Ronit Sarkar (Indie pop artist)