Ep. 14 Maed in India feat. Vasuda Sharma

Episode 14 brings you a lovely lady to headline. The first female musician performing on Maed in India, I have popstar and indie singer-songwriter Vasuda Sharma. Along with her, I have a new release by bass heavy DJ Su Real with his pelvic thrusting hit from his EP Brown Folks. Then a song that’s Maed Abroad by UK based, Telugu lad, Alluri which is reminiscent of the Brit pop era. Kicking off the show is an uplifting tune about memories by Delhi electro pop act Jester. 

Jester (Delhi electro-pop band)
Song: Sepia
Album: Myths & Fables

Su Real (bass heavy DJ from Delhi)
Song: Indian Curse
Album: Brown Folks EP

Alluri (Indie rockers from the UK)
Song: All the Women
Album: Man of Truth

Vasuda Sharma (popstar & indie singer-songwriter)