Ep. 67: Indian Biopics We'd Like To See


This week, IVM staffers, Navin, Jaanam and Abbas recommend their choice of TV series, a music album and an Indie band. Also, watch out for a special recommendation from Simblified's (http://ivmpodcasts.com/simblified) host, Chuck. It will surely crack you up!

In the second round, the three of them talk about Indian biopics they can't wait to see, owing to some extra-ordinary real-life stories. Do you agree with their choices?

Previously, on Ep. 45 IVM LIKES, Sharanya, Navin and Abbas spoke about some biopics that have failed miserably. Check it out here: http://ivmpodcasts.com/ivm-likes-episode-list/2017/11/27/ep-45-bio-picky

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