Ep. 07: Kamal Swaroop

In the Seventh episode of Anything But Bollywood, Neha RT will be talking to filmmaker Kamal Swaroop, the director behind the cult classic "Om Dar-Ba-Dar" as well as the documentaries "Rangbhoomi" and "The Battle of Banaras'.

01:19 - Intro
02:07 - Early Influences
08:10 - Working On 'Gandhi'
12:19 - 'Om Dar-b-dar'
22:59 - Sound for 'Om Dar-b-dar'
29:26 - Being a Cult Hit
35:16 - 'Tracing Phalke'
42:33 - 'The Battle of Banaras' and Documentary Filmmaking
56:27 - Film Recommendations

- Crowds and Power

Film Recommendations
- Nazarin (1958)
- Ran (1985)
- Le Quattro Volte (2010) 

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