Ep. 02: Paromita Vohra

In the second episode of Anything But Bollywood, Neha RT will be talking to indie documentary filmmaker and founder of Parodevi Pictures, Paromita Vohra. She is the force behind Agents of Ishq, and has directed films "Unlimited Girls", "Q2P" "Partners In Crime' and "Cosmopolis' to name a few.

02:47 - Early Days + Influences
08:25 - Working with Anand Patwardhan
12:24 - Working in Bombay, Channel V, Soaps, Different Forms
14:09 - "Annapurna"
16:45 - On interviewing for documentary
22:41 - On Feminism, "Unlimited Girls"
39:25 - "Morality TV and The Loving Jihad"
46:43 - On Copyright, "Partners In crime", On Love
53:02 - "Q2P"
1:02:16 - "Cosmopolis", "Forgotten City"
1:05:58 - Funding
1:12:08 - "Connected Hum Tum"
1:21:47 - Moments of Failure
1:28:58 - "Agents Of Ishq"
1:49:21 - Future Projects, Film Recommendations

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Film Recommendations (trailers)
- Something Like A War by Deepa Dhanraj
- In The Mood For Love by Wong Kar Wai
- Chronicle Of A Summer by Jean Rouche
- Titli by Yash Raj Films

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